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Registry Description

1. Registry administrator

Finncont Group Oy
P.O.Box 44
Visiting address: Kiertotie 10-12, Virrat

Tel. +358 3 485 411

2. Registry contact

Customer Service Tel. +358 3 485 411 will respond to registry problems and feedback no later than two working days.

3. Name of the registry

Finncont Group Oy Contact Registry.

4. Purpose of the registry

The general prerequisite for handling personal data is customer relationship, product and service development, client's consent, assignment from a customer to Finncont Group, agreement between Finncont Group and the customer or executing rights and obligations permitted by the law.

The Marketing Registry information is used for communication and digital or other type of direct marketing based on the recipient's responsibility in his / her company and business.

5. Content of the registry

The registry contains the following information about registrants:

  • Contact information (name, contact name, business VAT ID, address or other information for contacting, billing or delivery)
  • Identification information on the web service (password / username, IP address)
  • Customer relationship information, such as order history, billing information

For billing customers, personal identification number, or business ID for a business name.

Processing of sensitive data is only processed with the express consent of the registrant.

6. Regular sources of information

The data is collected by during the webshop purchase or registration process in our website from the registrant as well as by using the contact forms in website. Also the customer relationship will be the source of information. Other data sources include fairs and similar events.

Population registries may be used to update personal data.

Third-party and other commercial registers may also be used in marketing, but this is always mentioned separately, for example in the context of an electronic newsletter.

7. Regular destinations of disclosed data / Data transfer

registrantr's personal information will not be transferred to third parties involved with other than Finncont Group or Finncont Groups partners for service maintenance, development and production of services or service analyzing. Information is disclosed to the authorities in the cases required by law, for example when investigating and preventing irregularities.

8. Data transfers outside EU or EEA

Finncont Group may also use other service providers in the processing of personal data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. The transfer of personal data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area is always carried out under any of the following legal grounds:

  • The European Commission has decided that adequate level of data protection has been ensured in the recipient country concerned;
  • Finncont Group has implemented the appropriate safeguards for the transfer of personal data using standard terms of privacy approved by the European Commission. In this case, the Customer has the right to obtain a copy of these standard clauses by contacting Finncont Group.
  • The Customer has given his / her express consent to the transfer of his / her personal data, or there is a legitimate reason for the transfer of personal data.

Access to personal data is not provided for more than is necessary to carry out the services. The transfer of personal data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area is always based on the current legislation on the processing of personal data and is carried out in accordance with that legislation.

9. Data protection

Finncont Groups registry’s confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data are ensured by the most appropriate technical and administrative measures. Information and services are protected with firewall, physical colocation, access control, access rights and encryption technologies, as well as active surveillance of above-mentioned techniques. Personal data is protected against unauthorized access and illegal or accidental data processing.

10. Social media plugins and other third party services

Finncont Grops website may contain links to third party websites, as well as so-called social media plugins (eg. Facebook) or website may use analytics services (eg. Google Analytics). Use of social media plugins or analytics services may send identifiable information to those service providers. When you use a plugin, you may allow third-party web sites to store cookies on your computer so that these administrators can monitor the use of the page, especially if the user is signed in to the social media of that provider. These types of sites or services mediated by third-party applications offered by third party shall apply to third-party privacy, operating and other conditions. Finncont Group has no control over such third-party web sites and Finncont Group is not responsible for any of the materials published or their use.

11. Right to Access Data

Under the EU Data Protection Regulation, the data subject has the right to have a listing of all the data stored in the groups registry. The registrant is entitled, within the legal framework, to require the correction or removal of incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated personal data. You can also deny Finncont Group to contact you using direct marketing by sending an email to the registrar.

The information may be deleted from registrants request or for termination of customer relationship. In addition, information may need to be removed as a result of monitoring if the registrant misuses the service or carries out the service through criminal activity or any similar approach.