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Finncont® Luowia is the most stylish and safe choice when you need a waste management solution with a large capacity. Luowia is suitable for both small and large properties. The containers can be adapted with different panels to blend into the environment.

Finncont® Luowia containers are tested according to
EN-13071-1/13071–2 standards. The test results prove that the filling capacity has been checked, that the container can withstand shocks, that the lid does not bend from large amounts of snow and that the glass container does not make too much noise to the surrounding environment.

The lifting bags of the Luowia® system have been tested by the German Labordata and the Finnish VTT (Technical Research Center).

The standards, ISO 21898 and SWL 2250 kg (Safe Working Load) guarantee safety when emptying.

The lifting ring has been tested according to the standard 13155 + A2 and the lifting rings are the most durable and safe on the market. Ask us for more info!

Finncont® Luowia Deep

finncont luowia deep

 ProductVolume (l) Filling lid size (mm) Ø (mm) Height (mm) Total height (mm) Installation depth (m) Weight (kg) Material
Finncont® Luowia 5000/5000 Deep 5000 600 1690  1250 2800 1,5 150 Polyethylene
Finncont® Luowia 3000/3000 Deep 3000 450 1350  1220 2750 1,5 130 Polyethylene
Finncont® Luowia 1300/1300 Deep 1300 300 920  1150 2650 1,5 120 Polyethylene

Finncont® Luowia Short

finncont luowia short

 ProductVolume (l) Filling lid size (mm) Ø (mm) Height (mm) Total height (mm) Installation depth (m) Weight (kg) Material
Finncont® Luowia 5000/3000 Short 3000 600 1690  1250 1800 0,5 130 Polyethylene
Finncont® Luowia 3000/2000 Short 2000 450 1350  1220 1750 0,5 110 Polyethylene
Finncont® Luowia 1300/800 Short 800 300 920  1150 1650 0,5 90 Polyethylene

Finncont® Luowia Surface

finncont luowia surface

 ProductVolume (l) Filling lid size (mm) Ø (mm) Height (mm) Total height (mm) Installation depth (m) Weight (kg) Material
Finncont® Luowia 5000/2500 Surface 2500 600 1690  1200 1300 Surface 110 Polyethylene
Finncont® Luowia 3000/1300 Surface 1300 450 1350  1200 1220 Surface 90 Polyethylene
Finncont® Luowia 1300/600 Surface 600 300 920  980 1150 Surface 70 Polyethylene

Finncont® Luowia Divided

finncont luowia deladThe Finncont® Luowia series Divided container is provided with two separate lifting bags and a partition wall. The partition wall is available for all containers in the Finncont® Luowia 5000 and 3000 series.

Luowia 5000 Deep can also be supplemented with a split lifting bag.

In a divided container you can collect two different waste fractions. There are several different scoops to choose from, from round (e.g. glass) to wide for (e.g. paper packaging).

 ProductVolume (l) 
Finncont® Luowia Divided, Surface 2 x 1200
Finncont® Luowia Divided, Short 2 x 1400
Finncont® Luowia Divided, Deep 2 x 2400

Finncont® Luowia plastic lifting containerfinncont nostosakki

Finncont® Luowia plasticic lifting container is available in 500 or 800 liters. The container can withstand a maximum load of 720 kg (SWL), which is entirely in its own class in the market. The lifting container is installed inside a Luowia underground container instead of a lifting bag.

Finncont® Luowia plastic lifting container is available for the 1300/1300 and 1300/800 series Luowia underground containers.

 ProduktVolume (l) 
Finncont® Luowia plastic lifting container, 1300/1300 series 800
Finncont® Luowiar plastic lifting container,1300/800 series 500
Maximum load 720 kg (SWL)

Finncont® Luowia Modernization

finncont luowia renovering

With the Finncont® Luowia Modernization series you'll update your old waste container.

By updating the appearance of the container, you also increase the user safety to the Finncont® Luowia's high standards. The Modernization series is suitable for most containers.

The Modernization series includes:

  • New lid with selected scoop
  • New lifting system
  • New lifting bag

Lifting bags as spare parts
finncont lyftsackar som reservdel

  • Fits most underground containers
  • Adapted for different collection materials
  • Volume from 600 l to 5000 l
  • VTT certified (Technical Research Center, Finland)
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