Finncont® HFL 1000 – Immersion heated container

  • Container designed for food industry is hygienic and easy to clean
  • It ables the efficient processing of raw materials
  • Customizable to customer preferences:
    material (also thickness), location / size of couplings and accessories. Bottom gradient up to 60°
  • Heat is transferred to the product using resistors in the container´s water jacket and heat-equalising water circulating pump or
    heating cables within the container housing

Avaa tuotekortti (pdf)

Timo Manninen

Business Manager, IBC

+358 40 589 6609

Magnus Steneby

Sales Manager, Scandinavia

+46 768 662239

Additional information

Weight300 kg
Dimensions1225 x 1025 x 1640 mm

1000 l

Height (2 stacked)

3250 mm

Bottom gradient



AISI 304, AISI316

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