Finncont obtains exclusive rights to represent PWS wheelied waste bins in the Finnish market

Finncont obtains exclusive rights to represent PWS wheelied waste bins in the Finnish market

The agreement will enhance even further the market position that Finncont has in solutions that support the circular economy.

PWS (part of ESE World) is the leading manufacturer of collecting tools for final waste and recycling materials in Europe. With the agreement, the distribution of the company’s entire selection of wheelied waste bins including such as the Quattro Select, Bio Select and Duo Select systems, will be concentrated in Lahti, the warehouse of Finncont Ympäristötuotteet Oy. Finncont, an expert in the circular economy, is based in Virrat and Lahti and the company is a pioneer in the development of collection, storage and transport solutions of different materials. The union of two strong operators is a response to the demands of the rapidly developing circular economy in relation to things such as source separation and effective fulfilment of recycling obligations.

“PWS’s expansive selection and continuous, future-oriented product development provide Finncont with an increasingly stronger foundation for supporting the developing circular economy sector. For Finncont, the starting point has always been the provision of durable and high-quality solutions for alleviating the life-cycle costs and CO2 emissions of waste management,” says Jyri Partanen, Group Managing Director.

As a Nordic operator, PWS’s product development is grounded on the arctic conditions in the North. The agreement with Finncont will enhance PWS’s localness and the sales organisation the company has in Finland.

“Cooperation with Finncont will improve PWS’s presence in Finland. Since the warehouse is located in Lahti, it will enhance the security of supply that PWS has in the Finnish market,” says Managing Director Dan Håkansson.

Finncont Oy Joins the SIA

Finncont Oy Joins the SIA

Finncont is the latest company to join the growing list of SIA Associate Members.

The Solvents Industry Association exists to promote the safe, sustainable and responsible use of chemical solvents and to ensure that the regulatory framework relevant to the manufacture, storage, distribution and their use is based on sound science and best practice.

Established in 1974, Finncont Oy have designed and manufactured Stainless Steel IBCs for transport, handling, and storage for almost half a century, providing a wide range of tailor-made UN / ADR approved IBC solutions for customers in a diverse range of industries, from chemicals to food sectors.

Finncont® customer experience: CASE Chempolis Oy

Keijo Hytönen from Chempolis Oy says that at their biorefinery in Oulu they manufacture something that has never been done before. Therefore they need machinery in their production that has never been designed before.

What comes to the selection of their machinery, Chempolis trust Finncont´s quality. They value especially products that are tailored just for their needs.