Finncont as an

What is it like to work for us?

We offer a multi-professional workplace where you can express yourself and learn new things. 

Our common values of trust and competence are reflected in our daily operations. There is deep trust between our employees and at the centre of customer relations. We our proud of our unique competence and ensure its continuous development by providing both an atmosphere in which learning is encouraged and the opportunities for learning. 

Our strength is teamwork that allows sharing and discussing the best work practices, ideas and even the day’s hot news topics with everyone.  Together we are more.

It goes without saying that our customers and sales are of key importance to us because without them we could not breathe and grow! Although it is common for everything else to remain hidden by the visible infrastructure of a company, we understand that the each part of the machinery is needed for it to run. What if our warehouse operative Eila did not collect the components needed for production or if our product designer Tomi was not constantly looking for better solutions? These are questions that Eila and Tomi themselves can answer best – read our employees’ stories from the bottom of the page!

Welcome to Finncont to make a cleaner future for the next generations!