Green DNA

At Finncont, we want to be involved in making responsible and sustainable economy a reality.

To us, responsibility means minimising the environmental impact of our own business and making responsibility part of all of our activities.


Minimising the environmental impact

We minimise the harmful effects that our operations have on the environment and constantly improve the management of environmental matters. We develop our production and products in a way that minimises their adverse effects on the environment. Improving energy-efficiency and reducing carbon footprint are among our main objectives. We use green energy in production.


Recycling at Finncont

We are experts in circular economy and we provide our customers guidance in issues such as the optimal implementation of waste management and recycling. We also align our operations with this guidance and we implement innovative recycling using our own products both in production and at the office. For further information, please read our expert articles here.

Examples of recycling in our operations include:

We already recycle more than 99% of the raw materials in our own production. During 2020, we also made our sorting of cardboard more efficient, which resulted in the reduction of energy fraction by 30%. We have an ambitious goal to reduce the amount of waste in our own operations by at least ten per cent every year. 


Durable products

We design and manufacture durable and environmentally sustainable products and solutions with a long life cycle. With the help of our extensive and competent network of suppliers, we find functional and high-quality raw materials as well as components for every product application, of course without compromising on quality.  Our products are safe and tested, and they allow you to be progressive in implementing the circular economy with minimal environmental impact.

Our raw material choices and production methods have been developed from the start in a way that ensures we only deliver responsible, tested and approved products. All steps of our process are designed and implemented in such a way that we can talk about having green DNA

Find out more about our high-quality circular economy products:


Staff well-being/Finncont Academy®

We invest in social responsibility by taking care of our staff’s well-being and ability to work. At Finncont, we believe that healthy staff enables a good customer experience. We have developed the Finncont Academy® training system for organising the training to develop our staff’s professional competence. In addition, we continuously train and instruct our staff on sustainability and environmental protection in order to ensure that we all are professionals in circular economy.


Proactive approach

In order to minimise the possible environmental impact of our operations, we have invested in proactive risk management in our production and carry out regular risk assessments.

We also engage in proactive maintenance in order to enable the longest possible life cycle for our products and equipment.


Environmental standards and official regulations

We comply with laws, regulations and statutory requirements related to environmental protection.

We have both the ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates, which are the most recognised international standard for environmental systems, and we operate in accordance with the requirements of our environmental permit

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