The first manufacturer of industrial
deep containers
in Finland

Efficient, safe and stylish – the right choice for the environmentally responsible

Finncont® recycling systems were designed according to their users’ wishes and manufactured in our factory in the town of Virrat. Our containers were created as a result of our Finncont Design Studio’s® innovative efforts, thus making them a completely Finnish product. Our recycling systems are a shining example of a circular economy product, as the containers themselves are fully recyclable.


Why settle for less when you can choose the best on the market!

Finncont® Blok2 waste management system is a modern underground-installed recycling system. It is made up of separate modules, therefore it can easily be tailored for each application. Unlike other recycling systems on the market, a single module on the Blok2 can be divided to support up to six separate waste blocks, which makes it possible to collect multiple waste types more compactly than ever before.


Safe and stylish large-capacity waste management!

Finncont® Luowia is the most stylish and safe choice when you need a waste management system with large capacity. The round Luowia containers can be installed both above ground and underground, and they are well-suited for all needs. 


Elegant design with excellent drainability!

Finncont® Wakka is a 3m³ bottom-emptying waste management system. The containers’ downward widening shape and the hatches that open at a 90-degree angle ensure excellent drainability. Wakka containers can be easily moved from one place to another as needed, and they fit nicely in a row. The containers have a filling opening on both sides at optimal height to ensure comfortable use.


Hard plastic lifting containers designed for durable waste management! Lifting containers are installed inside a Finncont® Luowia waste management system in place of a lifting bag. They are suitable for the safe management of all types of waste. Lifting containers come in capacities of 500 to 4,000 liters.

The smallest lifting containers with a capacity of 500 to 800 liters are an especially good choice for biowaste management. The containers’ maximum lifting capacity (SWL) of 720 kg is the strongest on the market, and the structure of the capsule prevents the container from bulging, which also improves their drainability during winter.

The lifting containers can also be installed inside other manufacturers’ systems.