Litter bins, ashtrays and sorting containers

Our wide range of recycling products includes litter bins, sorting containers and ashtrays for maintaining cleanliness both inside and outside and making sorting waste more efficient. They are an ideal choice for parks, yard areas in schools and day cares, shopping centers and hospitals.


Finncont® SITI litter bins and ashtrays

Finncont® SITI litter bin has hinged sides and a lockable front part that opens with a triangular key. The inner container is made from steel, and it is easy to empty.

 All Finncont® SITI litter bin models can be fitted with an ashtray.


PAXA sorting container

The sorting containers connect to one another via magnets, and they are a good choice for public spaces, such as offices, shopping centers, exhibition centers, hospitals, hotels, day cares and schools.



A wide range of functional, high-quality and stylish ashtrays that can be used in, for example, parks and properties.


MARKET litter bin

The MARKET litter bin can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is a good choice for business centers, service stations, property entrances, routes, parks etc.


Litter bins for dog parks

The REKKU litter bin is designed especially for managing dog waste. The bin’s pullable hatch is made from stainless steel. Dog waste is placed inside a compartment located behind the hatch. From there, it is dropped down to an inner container as the hatch is closed. Waste is hidden neatly behind the hatch, which also minimizes odor nuisance. 

The ROBIDOG litter bin has holders on both sides for dog waste bags. The bin has a hinged lid that can be locked. The waste bag is placed directly inside the bin, and it can be easily taken out.

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