Safe and functional solutions for the food and chemical industries with unique design expertise

Safe and functional solutions for the food and chemical industries with unique design expertise

Flexmelter, a success in the chocolate industry, is also suitable for use in the chemical industry

For years, the Finncont Flexmelter container has been a success in the chocolate industry. Flexmelter is a premium container for melting, mixing and storing chocolate. Based on Finncont’s expertise on active containers, Flexmelter has been developed together with world’s leading chocolate producers. Flexmelter enables flexible production with small or special batches without contamination or quality concerns. Flexmelter handles both solid blocks of chocolate as well as liquid chocolate with ease due to optimised mixing technology combined with gentle water jacket heating.

Because Flexmelter is such an excellent product, we have also modified it into a new product that is suitable for use in the chemical industry. The product has now been succesfully in use within different customers in chemical industry and has been proven as a functional solution. As an example, we want to tell how the product was introduced for our case customer who had a need for a heatable mixing container for aggressive chemicals. Our case customer operates in a production plant where strong chemicals are mixed in large containers. The customer was launching a new product, and they were making a test batch of it.

Case-customer´s challenge...

Our customer’s challenge was to find the right size of container to manufacture a test batch of a new product. The containers they used in production were large 50,000-litre containers, and using them for the test batch would not have been cost-effective. They needed a smaller container, which had to be suitable for heating and mixing. Regular stainless steel was not a suitable manufacturing material for this purpose, as the material to be handled in the container was an aggressive chemical.

...and how we solved it

Experts from our own design department familiarised themselves with the customer’s needs and requirements and decided to use duplex stainless steel instead of the standard AISI304. The inner container and the mixer parts were made of duplex stainless steel and the outer shell of the container of AISI304. The size of the container was chosen to be 1,000 L to keep the production of the test batch cost-effective for the customer.

Our customer has been very satisfied with the solution tailored by our design department to their specific needs. The container is a safe and functional solution that allows the new product to be successfully tested and launched on the market!

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