Sustainability and a smaller carbon footprint at the heart of Finncont's operations

Sustainability and a smaller carbon footprint at the heart of Finncont's operations

Finncont is a circular economy expert with green values in our DNA. We put our heart in continuity and ensuring a cleaner future for the coming generations.

Finncont has been providing solutions for different industries for over 50 years. Our designers at Finncont Design Studio® guarantee that the right choices and solutions are made already at the design stage. Our products for the chemical industry are designed with safety in mind and in strict compliance with the high standards set for the raw materials used. In addition, our sustainable products are long-lasting and made from the most environmentally friendly materials possible.

Our CF container for liquids has been a success story in the chemical industry for years. The CF container for liquids is a UN type-approved IBC tank made of stainless steel and can be tailored to the customer's preferences, for example, in terms of material and accessories. The stackable container has a volume of 500–2000 liters and can be lifted with a lifting sling or forklift. Read more here.

Switch from a lightweight plastic container to a steel container – for the environment

The recent drive to achieve and promote the circular economy has led to an increasing shift in the transport of chemicals from lightweight plastic containers to stainless steel containers for liquids. The reason for the shift is the higher volume of waste generated by lightweight containers.

Do you know which has a smaller carbon footprint over 20 years: a steel container or a lightweight plastic container? Over 20 years, you will need either one steel container or at least 40 lightweight plastic containers.

Kevytkontti vs terskontti kuva

And which do you think is safer for transporting flammable liquids: a steel container or a lightweight plastic container?

 Kevytkontti vs terskonttimuokattu

It is clear that the carbon footprint of a steel container over 20 years is significantly lower than that of a lightweight container and the transport of liquids is much safer.

Don't you think it is time to switch from plastic to a safer steel container for transporting liquids and reduce your carbon footprint and improve the safety of your operations?

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