Why did Orkla choose Finncont?

Why did Orkla choose Finncont?

Interview with Kolbjørn Hole, Orkla


In brief, what is Orkla?

Orkla operates in everyday commodities, catering, professional trade, bakeries and pharmacies, and comprises four areas of activities: Orkla Foods, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks, Orkla Care and Orkla Food Ingredients. We also have Orkla Consumer & Financial Investments, which in turn can be divided into Consumer Investments and Industrial & Financial Investments. Orkla has a worldwide presence, but our main markets are the Nordic countries, the Baltics and a number of countries in Central Europe. Within certain product categories, we are also dominant in the Indian market.

To name a few, in Sweden we have OLW and Göteborgs Kex, and in Norway we produce, among other things, pizzas, ketchup, juice, marmalade, soups, sweets, snacks, dinners and detergents. We are a large company that employs about 21,000 persons. Currently, we are in an exciting expansion phase and open up new factories, including in Latvia.

We know that you are working on shelf life, but how is the work done?

We are working with packing our food products in the right way and storing them properly so that the shelf life is as long as possible. By way of example, chocolate is much more durable with correct storage at temperatures of 7-8 degrees, but if it is kept at room temperature, the best before date applies.

Something that we always work with is examining how we can improve storage and thus extend the durability of the items even longer.

Which of our products do you have? For which purpose did you order them?

We use two different IBC containers, CF1200 for jelly and various types of fillers. HSL800 for the storage and transportation of chocolate. With the container we can ensure that the chocolate keeps the right temperature, even during transportation. We value HSL as it is a flexible solution enabling transportation during the production process.

In the future, we are considering using HSL for fillings also.

How did you choose Finncont for this?

We visited an Orkla factory in Estonia where we saw Finncont’s IBC containers being used and thought that it was a good solution, so we looked into if this could be something for the Norwegian entity also. We then met Finncont at a trade fair in Gothenburg.

Does Finncont meet your requirements?

Yes, the products we use are very well suited to our needs.

What do you consider to be Finncont’s strongest suit?

What we appreciate about Finncont is that they have smart technical and mechanical solutions, and the products have a good finish. We consider that Finncont has solid competencies within its area.

Would you recommend Finncont to others?

Yes, I have already done so and would indeed do it again.

How do you look at our future collaboration?

We have appreciated collaborating with Finncont, and it would certainly be relevant with more IBC containers or the like in the future. The important thing for us is to have good dialogue and somebody we can always contact if we have any questions.

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